GMTCM Park Planning

Driven by two core targets of “The development of an international-level quality control base for the Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)” and “The development of an exchange platform for the healthcare industry,” aiming to create an “International Window of the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative of Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry and Culture”, the GMTCM Park carries out the relevant planning and its construction, by phase.

As regards the planning framework for innovation and research and development (R&D) in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)the GMTCM Park is committed to building a professional public service platform that conforms to the certification standards of Mainland China and the European Union in addition to assembling technological innovation teams, model institutions of the industry, renowned teams of domestic and international experts and other advantageous resources, that aim to provide the local and overseas enterprises, including those from Macao, with favourable conditions and space for productivity growth, technological improvement, R&D of new products, and international business expansion, with a view of fostering industrial clusters for TCM innovation and R&D, and setting up a “group of R&D and promotion of innovative medicine and healthcare products”.

In respect of the demonstration projects for the comprehensive health industry, the GMTCM Park envisages the development of such projects, such as theFairyland (Hengqin) Wellness Resort Management Co., Ltdand the Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Creative Museum, featuring healthcare, TCM culture, and health tourism to  enhance international promotion and dissemination of TCM culture and technology and establish a “group of healthcare industry and culture promotion”.

On promotion of TCM internationalization, the GMTCM Park endeavours to build an international exchange and cooperation platform for Portuguese-speaking countries, by capitalizing on the established cooperation platforms and available expert resources to carry out international registration, trade import and export, education and training, and other businesses, and adopts the promotional model of “disseminating medical sciences to encourage the use of medicines” to provide enterprises with space for market expansion, so as to improve their global influence, and build up an “international exchange and trade platform for healthcare technologies and products”.