Centre of International Cooperation and Exchange
zxjj-pic-01.jpgInauguration Ceremony of Centre of International Cooperation and Exchange of Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Industrial Park of Co-operation between Guangdong and Macau

In accordance with the two core development targetsthe development of an international-level quality control base for the Traditional Chinese MedicineTCM and the exchange platform for the healthcare industry and to align with the positioning for development as an “International Window of the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative of Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry and Culture”, the GMTCM Park took a decision to serve the Portuguese-speaking countries as the breakthrough point to foster international exchanges and cooperation in TCM between China and Portuguese-speaking countries and neighboring regions. Along with the promotion and  dissemination  of culture, technology, and TCM products  to Portuguese-speaking countries and their neighboring regions, the Park will assist the international and domestic enterprises of traditional Chinese Medicine, including from Macao, to explore and develop, as well as better enable both domestic and Macao TCM enterprises to explore the international market.

Subsequent to the inauguration of the Center of International Cooperation and Exchange of GMTCM Park on 30 June 2015, two Portuguese-speaking countries, Portugal and Mozambique, were selected as pilot countries for international exchanges and cooperation work. Several objectives have been explored and discussed, for example, the international registration of TCM and food supplements, services  trade promotion, TCM professional training, R&D and exchanges and cooperation in traditional medicine, cultural promotion of TCM , establishment of overseas TCM centers, and so on whereby some progress have been made. At the same time, to establish cooperation with Portugal, Mozambique and other Portuguese-speaking countries, and expand it throughout the European Union, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Latin American countries, and African countries, to set up International Cooperation and Exchange Platforms to assist enterprises to explore and develop overseas resources and markets, to promote the international registration and trade services of TCM and healthcare products, and to foster exchanges and cooperations in traditional Chinese medicine with other medicine and pharmacologies world-wide.

Strategic Partners Signed:
  • ●Brazilian School of Chinese Medicine (EBRAMEC)
  • ●Ministry of Health of Mozambique (MISAU)
  • ● Institute of Traditional Medicine of Portugal (IMT)
  • ● Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Lisbon
  • ● European Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • ● Portuguese Association of Food Supplements
  • ● General Division of Alimentation and Veterinary of Portugal (DGAV)
  • ● Portuguese Association of Food Supplements
  • ● PuraPharm (Hong Kong) Health Products Company Ltd.
  • ● Forum for Economic and Trade Co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries(Macao)
  • ● Chinese Herb Trade Association of America
  • ● Sino-Brazilian Cultural Exchange Association